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On behalf of Cambodia Tour Guides and Transport, we would like to offer special services for you all, both individual and group tour packages and we also pleasure to organize all kinds of services in tourisms upon your requests.  Due to requirements of Value Guests & customers who are using our services through Cambodia Tour Guide, we offer all of you special tour packages for your holidays and free leisure in Cambodia . with requirements we commitment to satisfy and enjoy you with your stay in here.

Cambodia Tour Guides is found by long years and fluently English Speaking Guide and long years driving around Cambodia. So, It does not an issue, if you are needed a private English Speaking tuk tuk or taxi driver and an other private English Speaking Guide and an private driver.

Here are the numbers of Individual Tour guides and Personal English Speaking Drivers:

Private English-Speaking Guides

Taxi/Van, Tuk-Tuk Drivers

Dear Value Guests: My my name is Pho HoutI’m the professional English Speaking guide in Phnom Penh and around Cambodia

Dear Value Guests: My my name is Raksa, I’m the professional English Speaking guide in Angkor Wat, Siem Reap and around Cambodia

we are both experience in tourisms both Phnom Penh and Siem Reap’s Angkor Wat or through out Cambodia. Need tour packaging, taxi and tuk tuk for traveling in Cambodia……. Please contact us for further informations about traveling through Cambodia:

We are able to contact through @

Once again, we apart of your travel and holidays to satisfy you all services with us.

*Cambodia Tour Guides Private English Speaking Guides/Drivers also provides Individual and Unique Tour Packages Such as

**Cambodia Angkor Temple Tours

**Cambodia Classic Tours

**Beach Break Holidays

**Angkor Flight Tours 

**Cooking Class

**Golf holidays

**Cruise Tours

**Adventure Tours

**HoneyMoon Tours

**Bird Watching Tours

**Phnom Penh Sightseeing Tours

**Short Trip Tours

**Free and Easy Trips

Please let us what you are  thinking of adventuring in the country then we will make a suite rely to you within a minute. And the experiences are the most successful keys to achieve our works. Please don’t go away from us!

As mentioned, Ladies and Gentlemen any service you wish we pleased to organize for you (Private guides, Transports and Package Tours).

Cambodia Tour Guides will bring you to the way you  want to see and to do; furthermore, our group is the long-year experienced Tour Guides in Cambodia.

Able to provide all kinds of guides (Any Languages)

***Hotels reservation

***Buses, boats, Air Ticket Worldwide Arrangement

***Worldwide Visas Arrangement