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Siem Reap Bayon Temple Cambodia

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Bayon Temple in Cambodia’s Siem Reap is one the most visited temples among, and the yearly visiting is getting more more more. The located of the temple just to the north of Angkor wat temple it’s about 5 minutes drive in by cars, the temle of bayon is also well known as Jayavarman’s Temple, in honour of the Khmer king who ordered its construction. It’s best known for its many towers with gently smiling faces on each side.

The best thing to recognize is the 54 towers around the top of ruined temple, with over 216 faces showing varying degrees of erosion and wear. Each face is 4 metres high and is facing one of the cardinal directions of the compass. They all have the same serene smile, with eyes closed, representing the all-knowing state of inner peace, and perhaps even a state of Nirvana. There are also many complicated and exquisite bas-reliefs around the temple, with scenes depicting land and naval warfare, market scenes and even the construction of the temple itself.

The temple is viewing from entrance before walking through to go inside 


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