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Siem Reap Angkor Temple Tour Guides

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Hello is meant Chul Reap Sour in Cambodian Greeting Language, 

the great option to go around to Siem Reap’s ancient city and also the former of Cambodia capital from 9th century till 14th century is to get an authentic knowledgeable tour guide in the region then your holiday going to be the unforgettable trip,  Siem Reap Angkor Temple Tour Guides is able to guide to you to see the things around the town and tell you when to visit where to eat good local foods.

Sras Srang Temple, the royal swim pool during the Angkor empire

Here we are the Siem Reap outstanding and also English well spoken tour guide, when we are talking about excellence tour guide then it’s referred to the a person who has spent years of working in the tourism industry and moreover talking to worldwide people who visited Cambodia’s Angkor Wat ancient temples. The knowledge related to the birth of Angkor temples, Siem Reap town background and lastly is the whole histories of Cambodia, and more…..

Dear, my name is Hout, currently, I am working in Siem reap city as the private oral speaking tour guide in Siem Reap’s temples and also I am able traveling around Cambodia’s capital cities like Phnom Penh and more…… If tourists wanted me to bring them to see and experience the modern cities of the kingdom of Cambodia.

When everyone are planned to visit Siem Reap old city and feeling looking for someone to organize your itinerary trip, then shoot me an email @ CamTourGuides@Gmail.Com. and telling me your favorite spots to do across Cambodia after i/we will reply you back as soon as possible, the feedback is bout suggestion itinerary, firstly.   

Beside the those ancient temples tourist is also would like to to do something difference like going down see the eastern side of the country to trek in jungle of big forest, gun shooting range is also sometime in the list of a must thing to do (visit the website Www.CambodiaShootingRanges.Com) waterfall


More Tours @ Phnom Penh ToursSiem Reap ToursCambodia Tours