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Phnom Penh Local Tour Guides

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The best option to get around Phnom Penh capital is to get one of the professional of Phnom Penh Local Tour Guides who is able to speak your language very well and popular languages that Cambodians who are working a local guide speaks are English, French, Chinese and more…. 


Greeting Phnom Penh Local Tour Guides!

Those of the private guide are working as local freelancer tour guides they are good at local knowledge and geography of the city who they have been working in the Cambodia tourism sector for years has been got so far. Cambodia Tour Guides is the group of selected and we are very qualified tour guides, good at general knowledgeable related to Cambodia. Now a huge group of worldwide tourists looking for to, the group is standing at main city of country   

Udong hill Cambodia former city from 1618-1863

This is one of the happy customers who have been used Phnom Penh Local Tour Guides to bring around the city of Phnom Penh, the group spent 5 days to stay in the capital of Cambodia, one of the outstanding tour guide brought them to see every angle of the city that was included the killing fields, royal palace and more….

Phnom penh sihanouk boulevard Independence Monument

Lastly, when everyone are planning your vacation to Cambodia and seeking for a better of English well spoken tour guide and also good at local knowledge plus international education, then the Group of Tour Guides Cambodia is reliable group.


Looking forward to seeing you in Cambodia very soon 


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