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14 Day Tour Cambodia Road Trips Matt

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The 14 day tour of the trip traveling around Cambodia started from 10th of April Till 23rd of April 2022,

Before the tour started Matt and me ‘Pho Well Spoken Guide in English’ had a long discussion over Email and WhatsApp @ +85596-983-9999, then Matt decided to take a 14 day tour of Cambodia Road Trip. After the agreement were in then I worked for Matt as well local adventure guide, private driver and licensed tour guide for the whole long. 

The meeting pion and drop off was Phnom Penh International Airport of Cambodia. we are working as the private local guide service so, the meeting location and drop off place is very importance for us, please.

Bellow are the Tour details

Day 1: meeting Matt at 10 am in Phnom Penh International Airpot then left the airport go through to Battambang from Phnom Penh, the road from Phnom Penh city to Battambang city took almost 8 hours. then around 5pm we arrived the Battambang city and then we went our hotel room separately after taking shower water i then went to meet Matt for a good night tour in the Battambang city, around mid night i took Matt for his room, wait for new morning coming to start a new day tour.


Day 2: Battambang Sightseeing City Tour:

Battambang city tour was the second day of the 14 day of Cambodia Road Trip

Early morning, I drove from my site to meet Matt at his hotel for a great breakfast talking as he always booked for two peoples, and he also supposed to have new someone “long hairs person” to join him if he found one and if it wasn’t found then I am able to have the breakfast with him at every more. YES Definitely, I had breakfast with him for the whole 14 day trips and also plus lunches and dinners for almost everyday.  

Actually, before coming to Cambodia I already wrote him a clear Cambodia itinerary but Matt suggested me to do day by day schedule tour plans, he wanted to do tour changed on his thing if he found something interested him.


Let Go to the 1 day Battambang Sightseeing Tour Details

Morning at around 8.30 am we have decided to leave the hotel and went straight to Battambang Bamboo Train Tour, the site is not far from the hotel and it’s about 20 minutes drive from the hotel where Matt staying for his trip.

The bamboo train is consisted from a small engine, 4 mental tyres, rubber cables “its to connect from machine to mental stick” and  bamboo mate that we can regard it as like a body of our vehicles and also within few pillows for us to sit on, it’s to protect bumpy road when the bamboo train are working or running on it’s railway 

the tour is taking for 45 minutes for the round trips, the best way explore along the railway is to sit on the bamboo train then the train is bringing you to see real life of Cambodia countryside people who are living along side of the railway and it’s also to view organic nature are being planned, paddy rice fields is the most elegant view and it doesn’t a problem it’s green or red “red is like golden colors”. the rice colors is have two color, one is green when it’s just planned and then it’s turned to red or well known as golden color, then it’s time to harvest them.

the duration to enjoy on ride of the trail is between 15-20 mins, the train will run to a stoppable site where we are able to have local coffee and get some souvenir stuffs at server nearby shops and have a walk through in villager plantations. After the walking tour is ended then we are taking the bamboo to go back to where we started the tour.  Then we left the railway tour of bamboo train to go to Wat Ek Phnom and also Ek Phnom Ancient Temple 


The Second thing of Battambang Sightseeing Tour is Wat Ek Phnom and also Ek Phnom Ancient Temple

The site of temple within modern temple at frontside of the ancient temple is located about 15-20 drive from the bamboo train site, it was built on a flat area in Battambang town but the old temple is aged more than 1000 years ago.

Take a look at the temple, it was built about 2 meters from the ground fields, the tour is needed to walk and down of the temple steps and it’s not a hight it’s about 10 meters height. The duration to do the touring is approximately had took 45-60 minutes and if you like to walk more then you arable to go round floor of the temple. the big statue of big and top Buddha is also close to the old temple 

After visiting the temple then we left it to go to see crocodile farm and also to have lunch, and Battambang lunch was took 90minutes, 

Banon Mountainous Temple

The Banon temple is located at souther side of the town of Battambang it need to use a private driver to escort every international tourist to get. It’s a one hour drive from the town of Battambang  

to visit the banon temple is a need to walk through from the hill foot to top and then it’s a good time to see five temples, and the temple were established and adapt architecture of mid 11th century and the end of 12th century the temple was first built by king, Ut Tak Yea Tit Tya Varman II (1050-1066) and then was finally built by the king, Jarvarman VII (1181-1219). The temple is located on the top of approximate 400-meter heighten mountain at Kon Tey 2 commune, Ba Nan District in 25-kilometer distance from the provincial town by the provincial Road No 155 parallel to Sang Ke River.

I don’t have pictures of the top mountain and Matt was only guy who went up to hilltop then i decided to stay at the mountain ground floor to wait for him, I was thinking it was about 45 minutes he returned back to ground floor. 

When I saw Matt back to flat land i rushed to open car door to let him get in the car then I drove straight to Sam Pov hill as I have thought we haven’t much time left to see all things we would like to be visiting at the mountain


Sam Pov Mountain View Bat Caves, A while before moving straight to the bat caves  I had some talk with  Matt, related what he had interested to those things on top of mountain, then we traveled straight to Sam Pov mountain and bat caves. It spent 20-25. minutes to travel from Banon mountain to Sam Pov mountain

Here are the frontside and the best spot to see the Sam Pov hill and waiting for the bats flight out of it’s caves and some statue of Buddhas which represent the circle life of Buddha, meant the born as baby child, enlightenment “middle statue” and the reclining buddha or meant deadly Buddha statue.

  1. the hole from the right hand side  to the left hand side is the bate cave, and the bird flying out from it’s cave I was there around 5.45 pm it’s a good see them go outside of it’s home to somewhere else to get some food, And i don’t know when the birds was there, originally.   
  2. then, the second part within lady statues and baby boy is represented to a new baby born of Buddha or the birth of Buddha started under a big body tree fields
  3. the biggest statue setting of Buddha “like meditation style” is represented to enlightenment 
  4. the last statue at end of left hand side side is represented to last day of Buddha staying on earth 

then at around 7 pm we went back to our hotel, I took Matt for his elegance hotel room then I rushed to go to my room and took a shower  

Day 3: Battambang Prek Toal Siem Reap

Morning arrived at early morning i got up and had shower before leaving to see Matt at other hotel, within a 15 minutes drive, when i arrived his place then i see the breakfast was ready for to have with him.

After breakfast, we left Battambang city to Siem Reap, it’s 3-4 hours drive from city where were at, I was managing the driving Matt was also reading his guide book then found out a amazing to do and see after a while he told me, to have a stop at bird watching and also bird sanctuary, it’s located is at Tonlé Sap Biosphere Reserve.

Then on the way before Siem Reap we had good chance to stop for having a look at Prek Toal bird sanctuary birdwatching site. Actually, after a 3 hours and half we reached the parking lot then jumped into a small rubber boat 🚣 to continue our journey to our last destination, it’s the watching site, on our trip to visit the thousands of bird species, then we arrived the place there are hundreds of thousands are flying over my head and big threes. 


Before arriving the birdwatching we had to start to walk to a little boat, left from a small canal of a big lake distribution then to go to see some of big and long floating villages, Arriving the floating villages where is a nice site to see floating houses, fish cages in waters and several birds are flying around us

Feel free take a look the views at Prek Toal village, they are living almost like people on mainland, the markets, no shops, Church and Buddhism temples alongside of the the lake.

Please be noted, the trip to Tonle Sap Prek Toal Bird Watching Sanctuary and Biosphere Reserve is a more than 6 hours tours, and it need to two boats.

At around 8pm I took Matt his Siem Reap hotel and i went to my room for sleeping and continuing to other coming days


Day 4, Siem Reap Sightseeing Tours, 

Firs morning of a good day tour in Siem Reap after a night was over, 4 day is one of the 14 day tour read trip of crossing Cambodia land, included city to town and capital.

After a great breakfast with Matt at his I then drove him to enjoy one of the elegant of Cambodia ancient temples, it’s called Angkor Wat, at around 9am I dropped Matt at the frontside of Angkor Wat temple, then set up a meet point at the same site, 12pm he went out from the entrance of the old temple, I took him a nearby local restaurant for a lunch time, because the walking tour ate lot of his energies. then I found a nice restaurant fora good lunch time  

Angkor Wat temple is at a frontside before entering the shadow of 


Angkor Thom Temple or well known as the great city temple is the nearby and visited temples

Bayon temple is the most visited temple which it’s located in Angkor Thom compound, when we are saying about the great city temple is always referred to Bayon temple, the 154 faces temple with 52 towers, one tower consisted 4 faces 

After the visiting of the great city temple I then drove straight to a hilled and also ancient temple, the temple is called Bakheng Temple, which you can view the whole nearby temples and also Siem Reap town.


Bakheng Temple Sunset Tour

The last temple to be visited for day 4 trip, it was called Bakheng mountain temple it’s located just the northern of Angkor Wat, and it need to walk to top site to view city of Siem Reap and some temples around easily. from the bottom of the hill site to peak site is a need of 15-20 minutes 

This is one of the videos I took with my handphone and it’s a little shaky and messy for time sorry for inconveniences 

My thoughts is related to Cambodia road trip, where is the best spot to land and flight out in Cambodia ? Phnom Penh Capital of Cambodia is the still the best to flight in for your first day in kingdom, and the flight out is also Phnom Penh “it’s for a better prices” or Siem Reap International Airport. 


Why is Phnom Penh is the best city to flight in for your holiday in across the country, Capital is the biggest city of Cambodia, commercial zone, politics, best education site for whole country and more….. Siem Reap is still the number one tourist attraction sites of Cambodia and also in Southeast Asia Regions, the sunrise at the frontside of Angkor Wat was voted as the best and number one place to see the sunrise, So there are hundreds of temples are around the town. And still some are available in the country.

Hence, Phnom Penh is the best airport to spend firstly arrival, then let your days from Phnom Penh to other provinces before reaching Siem Reap.


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