SAM BATH Cambodian Tour Guide

Ladies and Gentlemen,I am Sam Bath (Sam) ,have been working as Tour Guide for more than 10 years and so far still as a free lance giude.

 When the Internaional Cruise Travel Agencies has launcher their package Tours in Cambodia, I came a top selected tour guide. 

-Used to guided River Cuise (2009_2013)

_Viking Group (American Groups)

_APT (Australian Groups)

My ExperienceswiththeInternaltionalTravelAgencies

– Advantage (American Groups), I also have treking tour on the westener of Cambodia to see the natures ,and wild lives, people living stadards,Cambodian relieve Advantage (Americans),I also have trekking tour on the westerner of Cambodia to see the natures ,and wild lives,people living standards,Cambodian relief & cultures. I would like to express my experiences to you.  I’ve working as Tour Guide more than 10 years . In 2013, sarted free lance tour guide around Cambodia with local Travel Agencies in cambodia. Usually, my clients from around like, America, England, Australia, France, Philipine, Newzerland, Africa, Vietname, China, Swiss, Denmak, Singarpore, Thailand….ect

I am happy to give you suggestions and ideas for your holiday and travel. Best Thanks!